At East Imperial, tradition and quality are of the utmost importance. All of our products are made using only the purest ingredients sustainably sourced from Asia and Africa, the home of the original tonic water.

Inspired by a family recipe from 1903, we tracked down the source of the original, hand-picked ingredients to create the ultimate complement to premium spirits.

We believe the spirit should do the talking

Our traditional small-batch method of production enhances the freshness and subtleties of any spirit’s botanicals, creating a range of ultra-premium mixers that stand out from the crowd of the overly sweet soft drinks on the market.

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The most discerning patrons and bartenders are demanding superior quality beverages to complement premium spirits.

That’s why East Imperial is a collection curated like no other, with unparalleled quality and taste. After all, you wouldn’t put cheap, low quality tires on an Aston Martin.

We believe the spirit should do the talking and our traditional small-batch method of production ensures this is the case by enhancing the freshness and subtleties of any spirit’s botanicals.

Discover why East Imperial is served at all the world’s leading bars and hotels
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We believe life is way too short to compromise on the quality of your mixed cocktail. That’s why for convenience and surety we offer an East Imperial subscription service. That way you can rest easy and focus your attention on the important stuff, knowing you’ve always got the world’s premium mixer on hand at home, or at your office.

Setting up your subscription is simple, and you can cancel at any time

At any stage, you can change your East Imperial product mix, add a new delivery address, or simply pause your subscription whilst you’re away sailing in the Caribbean.

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