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Our collection has been carefully crafted to be the perfect match for premium spirits, and it's no wonder that award-winning distillers like Ben Leggett at Elemental Distillers (World's Best London Dry Gin 2023) and Simon Ford (Fords Gin) choose East Imperial as their go-to mixer. Our commitment to quality has been recognized by industry experts, and we are confident that you will love our products as much as they do. We invite you to try our award-winning collection and elevate your cocktail experience.

Simon Ford - Fords Gin

What’s the twist behind the perfect Fords G&T?

“The number one rule of making a G&T is that the tonic water is as important as the gin. Our gin comes with high amounts of extracted essential oils from the botanicals present in the recipe. This makes the gin lean on the sweeter side of the palate, so the extra bitterness of the East Imperial Tonic Water balances it nicely.”

Lance Winters & Dave Smith - St. George Spirits

How might we knock up a signature St George G&T?

“We mix St. George Dry Rye Gin with East Imperial Old World Tonic. The tonic wonderfully enhances the spiciness of the Dry Rye while further developing the sweet maltiness of the base spirit, rye whiskey. We’d garnish with a wedge of grapefruit and crank up The Clash.”

Raj Nagra - Bombay Sapphire

What are the ingredients to a great Bombay Sapphire G&T?

“Fill a highball glass with good, solid ice and stir rapidly to chill the glass. Strain the dilution, add 45ml of Star of Bombay gin and again stir to chill. Gently pour in original East Imperial Tonic Water, add orange zest and gently lift the ingredients with a bar spoon.”

Alexander Stein - Monkey 47

How should we prepare the perfect Monkey 47 G&T?

“We call it the Monkey Sonic,” says Alexander. “Equal parts Monkey 47 to East Imperial Old World Tonic Water and soda. Add a twist of grapefruit zest to garnish and serve in our earthenware mug.”

Mark Neal - Scapegrace

What's your perfect Scapegrace G&T serve?

"We like to use 50ml Scapegrace Hawke’s Bay Late Harvest Gin with 150ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic Water. Mix with cubed ice, and garnish with fresh blueberries."

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If you're looking to experience our award-winning range firsthand, why not order some samples today? We offer a variety of premium tonic waters and mixers that perfectly complement a wide selection of spirits.


get Samples

If you're looking to experience our award-winning range firsthand, why not order some samples today? We offer a variety of premium tonic waters and mixers that perfectly complement a wide selection of spirits.



At East Imperial, we believe in going above and beyond to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in everything we do, from our products to our customer service.   

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Immerse yourself in our exclusive collection of handcrafted cocktail recipes, masterfully created by award-winning bartenders and mixologists. Indulge in the sensory journey of our signature drinks, each one designed to transport you to a realm of unparalleled taste and sophistication. 

Molé Punch

Mezcal & Yuzu Lemonade

The 'Molé Punch' delivers a finely balanced, unique cocktail.

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Mid-West Fix Cocktail by East Imperial

Whisky & Grapefruit soda

Our 'Mid-West Fix' makes for a truly delicious cocktail with a kick.

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Trinidad Highball Cocktail by East Imperial

Rum & Old World TOnic

This 'Trinidad Highball' is a low-calorie delight sure to excite the tastebuds.

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The best Paloma ratio is 3:1

The perfect Pour

Continuing our mission to be the ultimate complement to premium spirits, our bespoke 150ml bottle pours the exact 3:1 mixer ratio for any signature cocktail.

Our exceptional products are featured in the world's most exclusive bars, restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets. If you're interested in carrying our premium line, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at: