Mikeys Tutorials
Syrups & Cordials

Our in-house Brand Ambassador Mikey Ball has created these delicious new syrup and cordial tutorials, helping you to add a bit of flair your home bartending skills. You can also view his Cocktails for Isolation recipes if you are looking to create some simple yet delicious cocktails using ingredients around your home.

#8 Buttered Honey

Serving Suggestions: Use 5-10ml to sweeten sodas and coffees. Use dashes to bring texture to your favourite straight up drinks e.g. Old Fashioned, Manhattans. Use in the place of sugar or sweetener in classic cocktails like Margaritas or Daiquiris.
Recipe: 40ml Blanco Tequila, Dash of Angostura Bitters, 5ml Buttered Honey, 150ml East Imperial Yuzu Lemonade. Garnished with an orange zest and fresh ginger slice.

#7 Plum Shrub

Serving Suggestions: Add 5ml to a GIn & Tonic for extra acidity. Add 10ml to Soda water for a bright fruity flavoured soda. Add 10ml to a “Mule” or “Buck” to add fleshy acidity and texture.
Recipe: 40ml Blended Scotch, 10ml Plum Shrub, East Imperial Ginger Beer - garnished with peach segments or grapefruit slices.

#6 Americano Speed Vermouth

Serving Suggestions: Add 30mls to your favourite tonic for a low-alcohol Highball option. Add 10ml to any cocktail to build body & add spice. Use in place of classic vermouths in Martinis, Manhattans & Negronis.
Recipe: 30ml Americano Speed-Vermouth, 150ml East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic, fresh lemon twist to garnish.

#5 Pickled Olives / Grapes

Serving Suggestions: Add as Garnish and brine in your favourite Martini. Have alongside your favourite Highball or Gin & Tonic as a snack. Add 3x Grapes or olives to bring a savoury element to a shaken sour.
Recipe: 60ml London Dry Gin, 10ml Americano Vermouth, 1x teaspoon of pickle brine, 3x olives or grapes to garnish.

#4 Pineapple Tepache

Serving Suggestions: Drink with beer to add acidity and make your balanced tropical Hazy Pale Ale. Add 30ml to Soda water for a bright tropical flavoured soda. Add 30ml to a Cocktail alongside citrussy sours & highballs for an added sweetness.
Recipe: 30ml Tepache, 50ml IPA Beer, 150ml East Imperial Ginger Beer - garnished with Ruby Red Grapefruit.

#3 Mandarin Cordial

Serving Suggestions: Add 10ml to a Gin & Tonic for freshness. Add 20ml to Soda water for a bright citrus flavoured soda. Add 10ml to a Cocktail to add or emphasise the citrus flavours and sweetness.
Recipe: 20ml Mandarin Cordial, 150ml East Imperial Soda Water - garnished with fresh lime.

#2 IPA Syrup

Serving Suggestions: Add 15ml to a Gin & Tonic for extra herbaceousness. Add 5-10ml to your favourite classic cocktail to bring a bitterness and sweetness.
Recipe: 40ml Herbaceous Gin , 15ml IPA Syrup, 150ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic - garnished with seasonal berries & mint.

#1 Alt Citrus Solution

Serving Suggestions: Use sparingly in dashes to add citrus to a G&T. Add 10ml to a daiquiri or margarita instead of citrus.  Add dashes to sparkling drinks to emphasise brightness.
Recipe: 20ml London Dry Gin, 10ml Alt. Citrus Solution, 30ml sparkling wine, topped with East Imperial Old World Tonic.