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Back in 1825, British Army officers combined quinine, sugar and water in an attempt to create a daily tonic to act as a malaria prophylaxis. Gin was later added to the mix to mask the strong and bitter taste of the quinine water. Since that time, the humble gin and tonic has come a very long way to become arguably the World's favourite cocktail.

Gin and Tonic recipe

Try our signature cocktail recipe, what we believe is the best gin and tonic recipe, the Spice Market - East Imperial Tonic Water mixed with your favourite premium London Dry gin:

  • 150ml East Imperial Tonic Water
  • 50ml Premium London Dry Gin
  • Fill glass with quality ice
  • Garnish with citrus zest and star anise
Our favourite Gin and Tonic Recipe - the Spice Market
The best Gin and Tonic ratio is 3:1.

The perfect Pour

Continuing our mission to be the ultimate complement to premium spirits, our bespoke 150ml bottle pours the exact 3:1 mixer ratio for any signature cocktail.

How many calories are in a Gin and TOnic?

The calorie count for a gin and tonic can vary depending on the ingredients that you choose to use. East Imperial mixers are all low in natural sugar when compared to other regular tonic brands.

A standard London Dry gin contains around 100 calories per 50ml serving. Most East Imperial tonics contain 51 calories per 150ml, with our lowest calorie option being our Old World Tonic, with only 30 calories per 150ml.

what is quinine and is it good for you?

Quinine is a bitter compound that comes from the bark from the cinchona tree. The hand-picked cinchona that we use originates from the very same plantation that was used to supply the anti-malaria daily rations for the early pioneers and settlers in East Africa and East Asia in 1903. 

Quinine’s primary benefit is for the treatment of malaria. It’s not used to prevent malaria, but rather to kill the organism responsible for the disease. When found in small doses in tonic water, quinine is completely safe to consume.

Is Tonic Water healthy / good for you?

The health and nutritional benefits of tonic water are pretty slim. However, like almost everything in life, it can still be enjoyed in moderation. So if gin and tonics are your drink of choice, go for it.

If you do want to make a healthier swap, we recommend switching out your tonic for our soda water, which has the carbonated fizz—without the added sugar content.

gin and tonic variations

Royal Gardens Cooler Cocktail by East Imperial

Gin and Yuzu Tonic

The 'Royal Gardens Cooler', an exotic citrus forward G&T with a crisp cucumber garnish.

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Merchants Gin and Tonic by East Imperial

Gin and Grapefruit Tonic

The 'Merchants Gin & Tonic', our zesty ruby red grapefruit tonic with navy strength gin.

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Hebridean Goblet Cocktail by East Imperial

Gin and Old World Tonic

The 'Hebridean Goblet', an authentic G&T, just like the pioneers would have enjoyed.

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